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The Fires of Cognition of Music

The Music Listener’s Shining Road to Knowledge

Every field of knowing, every level of knowledge in music, has its very own characteristic fires of cognition, and the music lover passes them in his progress of gaining knowledge.
As he proceeds, he enjoys their manifold warmth, their brilliant light, and the multifarious forms and shapes, which the flames of the musical conveyance of truth paint into the reverberating space in the dark of the night.

The Musical Order of the Fires of Cognition

On higher musical levels of order the cognitive fires burn with more refined flame patterns and with a more subtle, more bright, and more powerful radiance.

Fireworks of the Musical Atomic Structures

In the field of the musical sound-space the fires of knowledge burn with the brightness of protons, electrons, and neutrons, and they appear as the fireworks of the musical molecular structures – an illustration of nature unenlivened.

Individual and Cosmic Paths in Music

The motif-technique describes the individual unfoldment, and the expression of this description is the melody.

Thus, the melody represents the very individual course of life, and when in the polyphony many melodies simultaneously unfold and unite, then it may occur that the listener identifies his personal life-path with the various unfolding motifs because he finds his inner potential of unfoldment described in them.

As he listens to the music, he treads individual paths of unfoldment, cosmic paths maybe, or even universal paths of enlightenment which – without the outer stimulation through the classical music – he would not walk so readily from fear of appearing insane.

The Radiance of the Motif Movements in Music

On the level of the musical motif-space the fires of cognition burn with a brightness that characterizes individuals in the process of their unfoldment, and one is reminded of the radiance of a child that is happy about a special gift, but also of the brightness of someone who just had a deep insight.
So, many lights dawn to the listener during the actions of the motifs, because the lighting of ever new musical fires of cognition accounts for the radiance of the motif movements in music.

The Shining Stations on the Individual Way in Music

Hence the melody is the great circle of shining insights which mark the stages of enlightenment of the individual course of life.

In the classical works of the great tone artists these fires of cognition reach to the height of the musical event and into the depth of the musical understanding and experiencing, just as the sun and the moon rise on their orbits and shed their light.

Identification of the Individual Life-Path with the Unfoldment of the Motif

Knowing the unfoldment of the motif into the melody is the knowledge of a musical path of cognition designed by the composer.
And by identifying his own course of life with the course of a motif, the melody, the listener sets out on the adventurous journey to universal knowledge.