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Knowing Unity in Music

The Listener at the Gate to the Harmony

Once the listener has gone through the musical sequence-spaces in his social experience of many converging individual paths of cognition, and once he has reached the gate to the harmony, then behind all the individual life-paths he beholds the unity which organizes them and powerfully keeps them together in the harmony.

And he witnesses the perfection with which this lively unity of music untiringly supports the free individual unfoldment of the motifs.

Here, the fires of cognition of the sequence gather together in the supreme musical sacrificial fire which is performed in the harmony, at the basis of all music and all life.

The Supreme Sacrificial Fire in Music

In this absolute world of music – beyond space and time – the innumerable cognitive fires of music burn in the variety of a single great sacrificial fire of music and with the highest and purest radiance music knows.

All the flames pervade each other with a golden shine, like a single flame pervades itself in infinitely many forms, and convey the complete picture of the musical truth to the wide-awake understanding of the music listener.

And as the warming, flowing glows of this supreme musical sacrifice merge into each other in an infinite flow, they sway in blissful dance from unity again and again back to unity and miraculously warm the fullness of feeling in a manifold manner.

Cognitive Fires in the Musical Harmony-Space

However, the complete musical experience and this perfect musical world of magic is permeated in the harmony with the almighty and all-creative powers of a new, unlimited world beyond space and time, which the music lover now very spontaneously localizes within himself.

The Listener beyond Space and Time

Finally, as he enters the infinite space of the harmony beyond space and time, the listener sees many eternal, fulfilled life-paths infinitely flowing together and into each other – he sees and knows the nature of the harmony and, through this, makes the experience of pure self-knowledge.

Musical Creative Power as a Function of Pure Self-Knowledge

Having reached the field of pure self-knowledge, the music listener becomes a music creator, for the function of pure selfknowledge begins immediately to stir his individual creative forces with the thrust of infinity.
From within the new creator of music now the sequences, the motifs, and the sounds issue forth in colourful sequence and enliven his new realm of music.

The Cosmic Wind as the Soul of Music

This absolute music-world of the harmony is held together and organized through the unearthly breath of life, through that cosmic breath which breathes through all true music like a primordial wind, and which sustains it from within as the soul of music.

And the music lover cognizes this breath of life to be his own,
inner breath.