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The Melody

The Inner Breath of the Motifs

The sequence is the inner breath of the motifs and, therefore, the inner breath of the melody as well.

The Sustaining Force in the Musical Unfoldment of the Motif

The sequence is that force which, from within, sustains the aspects of the motif in their diversity as the melody. When the motif elements of the melody tend to fall apart – which would disrupt the description of the motif’s life, or the formation of its individual cosmic life path respectively – the sequence unites the waves of music even stronger.

The Growth of the Melody

As the motif sets out on its individual path of life, it expands into the melody, and this is due to the natural cosmic social formative power of the sequence which permeates it from within with the harmonizing cosmic qualities of joy.


The cosmic rules according to which the sequence, by virtue of the cosmic social laws, guides the motif on its individual cosmic life-path in the melody are called the “sequence-technique.”

The Personal Journey of the Musical Listener

To the listener the melody is his personal journey through the worlds of cosmic life of the motifs; and the melody appears to him as a more comprehensive form of the motif, as the more manifold expression of individual life on the way to cosmic perfection.

The Growth of the Motif

The melody, by true nature, is not a sum of motifs, rather it has grown entirely from a single motif, just as a tree grows from a single seed.

The Whole of the Melody is more than the Sum of the Parts of the Motifs

A sum of motifs, therefore, would not yet constitute a naturally grown melody but is comparable to a tree that has been artificially assembled.