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The Motif

The Dimension of the Musical Motif

The musical motif expresses a trait of the human character.

The change of the motif during the process of the musical event displays the free play of that quality in the manifold field of cosmic human characteristics; or, the change of the motif describes the way of cosmic liberation of a trait of the human character from the world of earthly limitations.

The Juggler of the Musical Elements

The skilful musical-creaive handling of the motif corresponds to the skilful handling of our human-cosmic qualities, and can be compared to the dexterity of a juggler who holds the elements only briefly in his hands, and releases them again as quickly as possible, which allows him to bring more and more elements under his control and to master his play more and more comprehensively.

Here the free power over the elements in motion dominates, as opposed to the rigid possession of non-moving parts; and this analogy signifies the playful ease by which the mastery over our inner-human cosmic forces is exercised in the applied motif-technique.

The Playful Element of Life in Music

In the world of motifs of a classical music creation the free mastery over our lively inner-human cosmic forces overcomes the limiting earthly rigidity of our character.

Thus, the playful element of cosmic life raises the universal beauty of creative expression into the light of the world of music.

Meaning and Purpose of the Musical Motif

Therefore the music creator uses the musical motif to display a more and more comprehensive personal cosmic mastery over the many facets of our character.

Manifold Musical Motifs

The musical motifs are manifold, as manifold as the traits of our character; and the expression of the musical motifs may be as subtle as the subtle graduations of the features of our character.