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Training the Free Formative Will

The Free Play of Cosmic Human Forces in the Universal Language of Music

With the free cosmic play of the qualities of the human character in the motif-technique the music creator intends to promote the free universal inner will of the listener to cultivate his character. In the generally understood universal language of music the musical creator shows him ways and means to juggle with increasingly higher and more comprehensive, more joyful inner-human values.

The Classical Composer as a Guide to Knowledge

Thus, to the music creator, the motif is that original musical element through which he takes the listener by the hand – on the level of his feeling and understanding – and carefully guides him step-by-step into worlds of greater human happiness.

Dance through the World of Aspirations

When a motif in its derivations, its deviations, its changes – i. e. in varying disguises – interacts with itself in the musical creation and appears with many different faces, the musical creator describes the manifold forms in which the human character in its most varied shades dances skilfully and successfully through the cosmic world of aspirations, nibbling everywhere without settling down into earthly boundaries.

Traits of the Human Character on the Path to Perfection

And always there are guiding and guided motif qualities; and the musical motifs always move within a system of distinct cosmic hierarchic relations.

And if, in the course of the musical event, the guide changes, it only shows how certain qualities of the character safely guide others on their way to their cosmic perfection, through their own domain, through their own familiar world of the fulfilment of desires – just as a man guides a friend safely through his own world, which is familiar to himself but may be full of danger for the other.